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Word Revolution

Revolution, the Bible is a total revolution to human thinking. Everything we read directs us to think and act in a way that seems alien to our natural way of viewing life. It is a radical shift to accept and practice Christianity, especially in an affluent and comfortable society such as ours in the UK. To put God at the centre of everything and to focus on His plan and will for our lives is a revolution in thinking. That the death of one man could change the destiny of anyone who would dare to believe in Him. That a God so perfect and pure (Holy) would choose to reach out to a people so broken and imperfect. To give up our own plans, our view of what is best for us and to trust Jesus for the destiny and outcome of our life journey would for many seem alien. However that is the core message of the bible, seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. What a challenge, is it any wonder that so many believers in our nation struggle to fully surrender their lives to Jesus. It is a very different kind of challenge to those faced by poverty and physical safety who depend on God for their daily well being. For so many who find themselves better off the challenge is not to give in to the temptation of spiritual apathy and lethargy which result from comfortable living and abundance.

The idea that some how our belief, our faith in Jesus can change the physical world around us, can cause situations and circumstances to change, not by our efforts but by the merit of God’s grace and favour, now that is revolutionary. The idea that we don’t need to be trapped as prisoners of negative thoughts and self beliefs, we don’t have to be caught in fear but rather we can be completely free because the Son (Jesus) sets us free. This then is the real revolution that as God becomes the centre of our focus the very thoughts we think are transformed as He renews our minds, transforms our lives and shapes our destiny for our future and His glory. Now that is revolution, spiritual revolution as we change our priorities to those of the Kingdom of Heaven. Join the revolution, put your faith in Jesus.

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