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A word that keeps me going

The word that keeps me going, is a word in season, a thought, an encouragement at just the right time. How often God speaks a word at just the right moment to bring encouragement, lifting us out of our periods of discouragement or challenging a moment of neglect. God is so faithful; in His patience He quietly whispers from the pages of His word (the Bible) ‘this is the way.’ There is something very reassuring about the fact that God speaks to us through the scriptures. They become like an oasis in the wilderness of our existence, a refuge from the world that might so easily consume us. God is so faithful. It is in those moments of doubt, discouragement and the feeling of spiritual barrenness that we find the true merit of God’s word. It is in the low times of life that the benefit of God’s word is most evident. The uplifting power that is brought to bear within our hearts as we read words that warm our hearts and soothe the soul. What a loss it would be not to have such a book. Where would we find the words of guidance and counsel, those heaven-sent words of wisdom and encouragement to lead and guide us? How lost humanity would be without the word of God to light their way. How sad that so many have no idea just what a tremendous gift we have. Where else has the eternal God of heaven spoken so that f we care to listen we might hear Him calling to us.

It is so easy, when we are going through those low points in life, to be tempted not to read the word that would so readily lift us out of our lows. The discipline of regular bible reading is the best safeguard against falling into this trap. Learning the habit of regular bible reading time helps strengthen us for the moments when it can seem difficult to read the bible.

As we read and consider God’s word to us it acts as a raft to keep us from sinking or like an eagle carrying us out of the dark depths below. There are lots of ways we could describe the effect of reading God’s word and all of them are positive. What is important to remember is that God wants to speak to us, to share His comfort and guidance for our good. He does this through His word. Over many years I have found this to be true personally and in the lives of others. God’s word is a powerful tonic that uplifts and refreshes the soul. He brings gladness instead of mourning, joy instead of sorrow, light instead of darkness and all through His word. We must not see God’s word as just a medicine cabinet, a book to turn for help when things are going wrong. God’s word is far more than that. However, as we journey through this life, we can be sure that God has a word for every season stored within the pages of that book.

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