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Holding onto God's promises

Keeping hold of God’s promises can be a real lifeline through the challenges of life. When things seem less like they are going wrong or heading in the opposite way to what you thought would happen, holding on to what God has said is a lifeline. Trusting that what God has spoken will come to pass and not fail is an anchor in the midst of life’s storms. There are many moments in life when we can’t see the way through, and it can be distracting and distressing to spend time worrying about what next. However, the more we lean on God, trust in His word, we grow in confidence. This confidence is not in our ability but in His faithfulness. In these life moments we learn to rely on ourselves less and upon God more. It isn’t that we become idle sitting back and letting God do the driving, we still keep ourselves busy serving Him, but we trust Him for the outcome. In this way we find the burden lifted, this is what Paul meant when he wrote to the church at Philippi—”and the peace of God which passes all understanding will guard your hearts and minds…” (Phil. 4v7). It is one of the reasons we must read and learn God’s word (the Bible) and learn what it means, how it applies to our each and every circumstance. When I understand the meaning, I have a far better grasp of the promises that God is making. Otherwise, there is a danger that we misquote the bible or fail to understand what is meant by the words we are reading and reach for promises that God hasn’t made. If we start looking to God for things, He has not promised we will end up getting disappointed, and the fault will be ours not God’s. Knowing God’s word is the only way to know God’s promises.

God is faithful and the more we read, the more we discover how He is faithful. There are promises to take care of us, promises to provide for us, promises to give us direction, comfort, love, encouragement and especially eternal life. There is so much for us to hold on to, to keep hidden (as the bible puts it) in our hearts. I have found over years in ministry that when people lose heart, become discouraged or give up, it is not because God has failed them but that they have failed to hold onto our heavenly Father and His promises. Often weaker believers hold onto others, those who seem to be more mature in their Christianity but that is a false hope, after all we are all dependent upon His grace. We must learn to stand upon God’s word, that is to accept and trust in what God says. The more we trust, the more we determine to see what God says come to pass in our lives the greater the strength we will find growing within. God has no desire to see anyone fail or fall, He has said as much in His word. God is more committed to our spiritual growth and success than anyone, sometimes even ourselves. Let’s learn to take God at His word.

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