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By J Pennington

Why read the Bible? The answer is simple, by reading the Bible we learn more about the God of Heaven. We find out what He is like; what He approves of and how He pours out His blessing on us; we discover who God is and learn about His plans for our lives; the road to His salvation and the wonderful reward we find when we choose His way. God does not hide from us but makes Himself clearly visible through the verses of the bible.

Why read the bible? The answer is vital, because when we read and understand the teaching within it’s pages we have a guiding light for our lives. A light towards eternal life and a guide to spiritual well-being. When we know the truth contained within it, we have a bench mark to set against our experiences and what others might tell us; a way of discerning whether God is the one speaking when we hear spiritual gifts in operation, a measure to ensure those who teach are teaching God’s word and not their own.

Why read the bible? The answer is profound, when we read and rest in the words contained within it, we find that it is living and powerful; the verses of scripture speak to us as if God were Himself illuminating the verses to communicate with us through His word. After all, the bible declares that all scripture is ‘God breathed’ (given by inspiration from God). This is the reason that the Bible is so dynamic, because the Words bring to life the knowledge of God who caused those words to be written.

We read the bible because it becomes for us spiritual nourishment that brings about the growth and strengthening of our inner man (our spirit).

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1 Comment

Sandra Craggs
Sandra Craggs
Jan 18, 2022

Amen. Gods word is food for my spirit, an instruction manual for daily life and a comfort when life throws me a curve ball

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