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Thought Filter

The word of God can act as a filter for our lives, but only if we let it. In the same way a filter in an air system or a motor vehicle keeps out debris and pollutants the Bible is able to function in thoughts and lives. Just like we use sun screen or sun glasses to screen out harmful UV rays if we apply scripture it will help to block out toxic thoughts and feelings. How does it work you might ask? It works on the principle of replacement and refocusing. We replace the thoughts that feed our negative emotions by reading and spending time thinking about God’s words to us. As we focus upon what God says about us, His plans, purposes, calling and view of us we change our perspective, we refocus. Over time as we develop these healthy, Godly, habits we find our thoughts turn more to the leading of the Holy Spirit and less to the desire of our flesh. We don’t often acknowledge that negative thoughts and emotions are just as much a part of our flesh as other forms of desire and temptation. However as we get into God’s word we begin to see that both toxic thoughts and unhealthy desires lead us into captivity and bondage. We are born in sin and are by nature children deserving of God’s wrath, Christ has paid that penalty so we might live in God’s forgiveness but we still need to deal with the old sinful nature every day. As Paul the Apostle puts it, if we don’t keep our old man under control (put to death the old nature) we become slaves to our carnal nature. When we allow the word to filter our thoughts it will also impact our emotions and desire so that we long for Godly things. Again Paul compares it to living this new life born of the Spirit of God. So God’s word helps us to filter out the things that would cause us harm.

Another way God’s word does this is by awareness, if I do not know that something is harmful I am far less likely to deal with it. The word of God reveals to us those things that we might refer to as sin (disobedience to God). So either I adjust my life, my thoughts my choices, to no longer continue in sin or I reject the word and carry on sinning. If I reject the word it has still highlighted the wrong but now it shows it up all the more. If I accept the word and reject the sin then the word is now filters this old habit or behaviour from our lives as we do not want to continue in it. The more I allow the word to permeate my thoughts and feelings the greater the affect should be. As I work with the Holy Spirit He reveals more of God’s truth, brings increased conviction and guides me in eternal ways. In this way the word of God acts as a filter to keep the debris and toxic elements of this fallen word out of my thought life. The more time we spend reading and contemplating God’s word the greater it’s impact and benefit upon our lives.

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