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The Word bridge

The Bible is a bridge that allows us to cross over from ignorance into the knowledge of who God is and to know what He is like.

As we read the bible we find that we move out of darkness and into the light of the knowledge of Him. After all—“faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.” Romans 10:17

We have often visited Budapest in Hungary, a city of two halves that is built on the either side of the river Danube. It would not be possible to leave the area of Pest and enter the other side, that is Buda, without a way of crossing the river but by crossing the bridge we are able to experience the other side of the river. In the same way it is not possible to really know God without we have some kind of bridge to be able to reach across. Christ is our bridge, a spiritual bridge that makes it possible for us to connect with God and gain access to Him, a bridge of faith. In the same way the word is the bridge, a bridge of understanding that allows us to know more about God and His plans and purposes for our lives. This ‘word bridge’ then allows us to realise what Christ has done for us in laying down His own life in exchange for ours. It provides a glimpse through the words contained within it of the heavenly realms. This word carries us closer to God as we learn more about Him. It is quite profound then to consider that the bible names Christ as the word of God that became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1). What John is telling us amongst other things is that Jesus Christ was both the messenger and the message of God. So Jesus is the bridge to God both as our Saviour and as God’s message (the word). When we also read that Jesus is the life and the light, in another place Jesus declared He is the way, that no one comes to the Father except through Him (John 14). This living word, the God breathed (or God Inspired) message contained within the bible points to the bridge by which we can enter into relationship with God and at the same time is the bridge that increases our faith and knowledge of God. Put simply, the more I read the more I grow, the more I grow, the stronger my relationship and understanding of God become. Even more amazing is that the more we spend time reading and considering God’s word we come to see that in a Spiritual way God also uses this bridge to reach to us, to communicate with us. It is by the message of Christ and the words of His book (the Bible) that we come to know God’s love flowing down from heaven into our lives. We have been given such an amazing gift in the bridge from God to man, this divine ‘word bridge’, God given, as He makes a way for us where there was no way. The master builder has built a bridge from God to man so we might cross over by it and know God.

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