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The life changing Word

Life changing, that is about the best way I can describe an encounter with Jesus Christ. When we learn more about Jesus, His teachings and guidance for life we are encouraged to follow a God given pattern. This pattern of life leads to a closer relationship with God the Father and a stronger ability to resist the attacks of the enemy on our hearts and minds. Jesus reveals to us not only God’s salvation but also a life journey that is rich and fulfilling for each one of us. The bible reveals God’s teaching and because it is God’s word it is dynamic, active, living and powerful is how the Apostle Paul puts it. The deeper we allow this word to reach into our hearts and minds the greater it’s affects will be. If I allow my heart to become rooted in Jesus’ teaching then I will find a new inner strength from which to face life. My life becomes far more purposeful when I understand who I am through my relationship with Jesus. It is through God’s word that I make sense of the supernatural encounters I might experience. It is through God’s word that I gain understanding of what is happening in my life and the world around me. Through God’s word life makes sense. Though we may be moved by our feelings, it is through revelation and understanding that our relationship with God deepens. I find that as we grow, in our knowledge and understanding of God’s word, our inner man becomes far deeper rooted in Christ and the power of His resurrection. Our lives change as we allow the word (the bible) to take hold of our lives, as it becomes the root for all our thoughts and actions. This is a great truth then, that the more we know the word, the more we know Jesus and the more we know Jesus the clearer our lives and our purpose of our lives become. God's word is not just the compass we use to find direction, although direction is helpful it isn't enough to bring us strength, peace, hope and joy. It is those deep rooted thoughts and beliefs at the center of our hearts that will most influence who we are and how we view our lives and therefor our life's purpose. When Jesus is at the core of these beliefs, His word at the root of our self image allows the power of God to be released into every aspect of our lives. It is when the Word is our root that it become life changing in our lives.

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