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The Healing Word

The word of God (the bible) often refers to it’s healing properties, that is to say the healing power of the Word. Without doubt, the more time we spend reading and contemplating the words of the Bible, the more impact it will have on our lives. This includes the influence that God’s word has on our thoughts and emotions. This power or influence can bring about a powerful change for good in our inner man. We become healed of hurts and brokenness through the application and appreciation of God’s word. Not reading and not thinking about this word can be detrimental to our spiritual development. We live in a pick and mix world where so many like to take a little bit from various teachings and ideas and mingle it together as their own brand of guiding principles for life. The problem with this kind of thinking is it never brings us to a place of inner healing, spiritual renewal and wholeness. We also see among Pentecostals a tendency to rely more on feelings of supernatural encounter rather than on the deep impact of God’s life changing word. ‘If I’m not feeling it then it can’t be happening’ is a mind-set we must all be careful not to fall for! After all God’s word declares that it is faith and not sensation that is the bedrock of our salvation through trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ. It is so important to allow God’s word to permeate our hearts and thoughts so that the peace, healing, strength and truth can impact our lives and become a catalyst for spiritual growth. I find that as I read the scriptures, the word reaches deep into my thinking to the place of my emotions and there it brings repair to the troubles and concerns of my life.

It is this affect as I allow the Bible to reach into the depths of my heart and soul that brings about a powerful healing experience in my inner man (the deep thoughts and feelings of the soul). Medical research now tells us that our inner state of mind can have profound effect upon our physical well being, stress and anxiety can play a big part in our bodily health. When I find peace, assurance and deep routed confidence in God through His Word (the bible) it changes my anxiety and stress levels and teaches me how to live according to His better pattern for my life. After all we are told that He heals the broken and releases those caught in the captivity of their own mindsets. Let the Son set you free, by the revelation and truth of His word (the Bible).

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