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The Eternal Word

God’s word (the bible) declares that He is the Lord and He does not change and with it the word also declares that My word (speaking of God) remains forever (Matthew 24 verse 35). This then is the eternal word designed for eternal people, those who are destined to exist forever. As the world around us changes, as political powers, social opinions and economic fortunes rise and fall there is only one constant, a comforting stability that we can depend upon, God’s word remains true. Whilst some have chosen to reject this word throughout the ages, others have not only accepted and believed it but have also discovered the life changing power held within it. This word is a life giving word, full of revelation and guidance to lead us not only into relationship with the Eternal God but also to bring about beneficial change in our thoughts and emotions. That’s a huge statement to make don’t you think? However if you speak to anyone who has spent credible time making this word their reality you will hear countless examples of how God has spoken and ministered to them through His word. When I use the word ministered, I am referring to the way that our thoughts and emotions are affected by the revelation of what we are reading, how it can bring comfort, peace, healing, guidance and revelation to the many circumstances of life that we each face. The word has a very real and recognizable influence upon our lives. I cannot imagine how anyone would want to miss out on such a powerful source of help and guidance for the whole of life’s circumstances and questions. The bible is the greatest source of counsel and help that mankind has ever been given, so do enjoy your bible.

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