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The Divergent Word

A word that seems to work in the opposite direction to our natural thinking. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.” (Isaiah 55 verse 8).

The ways of God can at times seem so distant from the way we might think. However, everything God thinks and does for us is always for our good and not for evil (Jeremiah 29). God desires the very best for us and in His word (the Bible) God teaches us a way of living, thinking and being that will result in our well-being, His abundant blessing and peace for our lives.

We can become so fixed in the patterns of our thinking, our routines and habits that the idea of thinking or doing things differently can be a challenge in itself. When we encounter a life changing relationship with Jesus then much of our former life changes. The challenge is to let that change take root at every level of our lives including our deep rooted thoughts and feelings and the habits that they have formed. God's word shows us not only the differences that our new life in Jesus brings and the behaviour associated with it but also how we might change our thoughts and feelings at a deeper level if we allow God's word to penetrate our hearts and influence our inner self.

You might say that the kingdom of heaven offers the best answers to life. We may choose thoughts and actions that in our thinking make sense but in Christ there is a better way, a higher way. After all Jesus said. I am the Way (John 14), a way that is God focused, heaven minded and Christ purposed. It is no wonder that the way that God has revealed to believers through His word seems like foolishness to the world. How can we see the sense of God’s way of doing things if our hearts and minds have been blinded (closed off) to the reality that there is a God, a God who loves us and gave His Son Jesus Christ for us. So becoming a follower of Jesus Christ requires a change of direction, a change of purpose and a change in our thinking. It is only when we begin to live this life God’s way that we begin to experience the fullness of His promises and blessings. Let’s not live in the captivity of old thinking and flesh influenced habits, instead let’s learn this God way, this new way, this Christ way. That we might experience a deeper level of supernatural (Holy Spirit filled) living in the abundance of God’s profound blessings and love.

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