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The Application of God's Word

Is God’s word effective in our lives? We know from the scriptures that God’s word is not only powerful but also capable of producing positive results in our hearts and minds. The Bible sometimes refers to this as bearing fruit. Jesus likened it to seed that is planted in the ground. It was not the seed but the condition of the ground that determined the outcome, whether the seed grew up to produce a harvest. In the same way Gods word is like seed to us and our hearts and minds are like the ground. It is important that we allow God’s word to influence the state of our hearts and minds so that ultimately we will find ourselves full of joy and Godly character. By carefully considering the things we read in the Bible and meditating upon how they apply to us personally, we are able to grow spiritually. By choosing to think and act in the way the Bible teaches we develop in faith and Godly character which will always lead to our hearts being full of joy. It is the choice we make, and it is important that we are determined to make that choice, this is what it takes for God’s word to become a living reality in our lives. Reading the Word is always of benefit but it is only when we exercise our will to make that Word the practice of our thoughts as well as actions that we see transformation and growth in Christ. When we allow our thoughts to be shaped and filled with God’s word then our heart and our actions will be influenced by that word. After all, as a man thinks, so he is (Proverbs 23v7). Much then depends on us, whether we read and consider God’s word and then how we choose to apply that word to our lives. One thing is certain, God’s Word will never fail.

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