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Soaking in the Word

If we not only read but allow the word of God (the Bible) to soak into our thinking then it takes on a far deeper and beneficial aspect in our lives. What do I mean? It is one thing to read and remember the words of the Bible, it is something far deeper to allow those words to shape our thinking, our feelings and by extension our actions. A good way to put it is that we allow the word of God to permeate our being. It all comes down to the importance we place upon the Bible. If we see the Bible as God’s word to us then naturally if we love God we will want to know everything we can about that word. If in our view it is simply a religious writing then it will hold less importance to us. We might say that a man who likes water will drink a glass from time to time or wash his hands and face, but the man who loves water will dive in to bathe and swim as often as he is able. We can be like that when it comes to reading God’s the Bible, so it really does depend upon the value we place on God’s written word. If we are not great readers then at first it may seem like a challenge to read, understand and absorb what God is saying to us. If we are easily distracted by so many other things in life then making the quality time to take in the Bible will require discipline. However the effort is well worth it, the reward for delving deeper into scripture is life changing. Hearing from God and allowing his word to impact our hearts and minds causes us to grow, not only spiritually but also in character. Those who allow God’s word into their hearts will find that it changes how we fell and think about many things. The word encourages us to see everything from God’s perspective and live accordingly. I find that as I allow God’s word to reach deeper into my thoughts and feelings that I have more confidence, more assurance, in Him. I find rest for my soul, peace for my heart and counsel for my decisions. When I apply what I learn and begin to value the benefit that this brings a transformation starts to take place in my life. Like the Apostle Paul said, be transformed by the renewing of our minds. The more I spend time not just reading but contemplating the word of God it is not only my intellect or my heart strings that are affected but my spirit finds refreshing also. As we allow God’s word to work into our hearts and minds it influences the inner (spiritual) man as well. This is what we mean when we speak about allowing God’s words to soak in. There is more sustenance, uplifting and encouragement in God’s word than we might realise. After all this ‘living word’ brings life and faith to the one who reads and accepts it’s message. Hearing and doing has a lot to do with being, as we allow God’s word to soak in we become more like that word, or we certainly ought to. So find a moment of rest, read and meditate upon His word, it will do you good.

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