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Our Holy Spirit guide

When we read the book of the Bible it may simply appear to be so many words to us. However once our lives have been influenced by God’s Holy Spirit the words of scripture come to life. This doesn’t just apply in a Pentecostal setting for those who have received the baptism with the Holy Spirit but for all who have received Christ as their personal Saviour. After all, it is the conviction of the Holy Spirit, working upon our hearts, that begins the whole transformation process by believing and receiving God’s word.

The Holy Spirit is our partner in God’s purposes, helping and guiding us into knowledge and understanding, revealing and applying the truth of God’s word. Jesus Himself taught that “...when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth…” John 16 verse 13. So when I allow the Holy Spirit to guide me as I read and meditate (contemplate) God’s word I find myself better able to apply that truth to my life. It is a dangerous idea to think that the Holy Spirit will just do it for me, no, it must be a partnership of cooperation. My intellect and understanding working with His revelation and conviction. In this way He (the Holy Spirit) guides me, He takes the word of God and seats it deeply within my inner man so that it becomes more than just knowledge, it becomes the living reality of my experience. So God’s word is living and powerful and God’s Spirit comes and grafts that living word into my heart so that the word becomes a part of me. Many have expressed this as the word ‘getting into’ or ‘laying hold of’ them.

Are you ready for a more supernatural, deeper rooted sense of God’s truth in your heart? Then ask God’s Spirit to help. He will! Ask God to help you understand His word and the Holy Spirit will guide you to the resources and people who will help you.

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