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Kingdom of the Revolution

Heaven brings a revolution to our human way of living. Kingdom of heaven living and thinking is all about putting God first and then considering the needs of others before ourselves. It is so revolutionary that it goes against the very nature of human beings. After all the bible explains that humanity has fallen, caught in the chains of sin, selfishness and rebellion. To introduce a new way of thinking and living required an act of monumental selflessness, and that is what Jesus Christ did when He died on the cross. In one moment the Son of God released the power of Heaven, the power to change, by breaking the death grip of sinful nature and human thinking. That is why the message is one of freedom, of release, of equipping and empowering so that we might not only gain this new way of living but also have the strength to live it out in our every day lives. If we don’t exercise this power we are given to live in this revolutionary way then we find ourselves caught between two worlds. Sadly for many believers this is what Christianity looks like, living a half life, one of subtle compromises, never fully experiencing the fullness of new living (kingdom living). It is too easy to enjoy the grace of God’s forbearance, accepting God’s patience instead of making those necessary changes to our thoughts and actions. However the Kingdom of God is revolution, in our hearts and in our minds. The challenge then is to join the revolution, to cooperate with God’s Holy Spirit rather than sit content with one foot in the doorway of eternity and the other fixed firmly in the creature comforts of this world. It is only when the revolution has fully taken hold of our lives that it begins to have an affect on those around us. Whilst ever believers live in the half life, the ‘not quite’ revolution, those around will witness compromise, unbelief and find it difficult to see the change of revolution living. We cannot hope for others to recognise the Kingdom of Heaven revolution in our lives if it has not been allowed to take complete hold over out thoughts and actions. After all Jesus said ”the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.” (Matthew 13v44). Revolution is about radical change, the kind of change that completely alters our view of everything. The Kingdom of heaven revolution isn’t about earthly armies or governments it is a revolution of our hearts and minds. A change at the very core of our being that alters who we are so that we become the revolution by the way we act and think. This revolution is a revolution of love and compassion, of mercy, grace and peace. It is the eternal way, the selfless way, the way to spiritual life and fulfilment, it is the Kingdom of heaven revolution that brings about the salvation of lost humanity.

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