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Holding on to His Word

Holding on to the message is a key part of Paul’s letter to the church in Galatia. If we are not careful, life, media, the beliefs of others and so many other things can not only get in the way but completely distract us from the bible. In this modern world when so many use social media to an extremely effective level in order to promote their life views we must learn to hold on to the truth of God’s teaching. We live in a culture where people choose to follow the things that appeal or are popular no matter how much that may change over time. In contrast, God’s message is one that is constant and consistent, it does not change nor flex to popular opinion. After all the word declares, “I am the Lord, I do not change.” Paul writes to the Galatians because they had been influenced by others and were moving away from the good news message of God’s grace. For them the influence was one that directed them to following religious rules and ordinances, salvation by works, relying on what they did instead of what God has done. Paul reminds them that God has already completed the work of salvation, there is no requirement for religious effort to gain God’s acceptance. This is the message of grace that is so central and so important to us as believers God has given us forgiveness, we must simply accept and receive it by believing. Our works, missions, activities do not earn us any greater forgiveness or favour but instead are a demonstration of our love and gratitude for what God has done. For you and I the temptation may be a very different one. Today there is a tremendous amount of pressure on Christians in the UK to compromise the teaching of God’s word in order to comply with social opinion. For others the shear busyness of daily life distracts from spending quality time reading and meditating upon scripture.

If we are serious about our faith, and committed to this gift of salvation that we find only through Christ Jesus, then we must hold on to God’s word. It is not good just getting the bible out only when we need help in a time of crisis, treating God’s word like a plaster or a bandage. We need to learn to regularly read and trust in the Bible. When we hold on to God’s word we find help, hope and comfort, we discover promise, purpose and relationship with the God of Heaven. It is difficult for us to know what we believe or what the bible teaches on any given matter if we don’t lay hold of it and study. I love talking with our older generation of committed believers because they all quote scripture, they not only know the words but they understand the promises. Through their lives they have proven God’s promises to be true and have developed a habit of holding on to them. We too can discover the same assurance as we not only lay hold but hold on to God’s word.

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