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God's word brings strength

“That you may know the certainty of those things in which you were instructed” Luke chapter 1 verse 4.

Why was the Bible written, a record of God’s dealings with the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel)? A record of the prophetic words of God through those He chose to use as His spokesmen? A poetic reflection of God’s attributes? The Bible was written to teach us who God is and what He is like.

We find greater assurance in the words we first heard, the message we first believed, when we read the Scriptures. There is a strengthening of our faith, a building of our confidence in Him of whom the Bible speaks, an edifying is how the bible phrases it. The thrill and encouragement as we discover in the New Testament God’s salvation plan, as we come to understand the love with which God loves us! The bible becomes our reinforcement with every reading, as we grow more and more in our relationship with our heavenly Father. Through the study of God’s word and as we meditate upon it we grow strong in the knowledge of Christ. As we put into practice what we read we become rich in our experience of Him. The bible then is our reinforcement, our strengthening, our building up, our bolster in the One who is our confidence before the throne of grace. As someone once said, seven days without reading the Bible makes one weak! For us the reading of the bible is like receiving food, it is our sustenance which is why Jesus said 'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds. out of the mouth of God. ' Matthew 4 verse 4.

The way Jesus describes God's word is more than just body building or exercise but rather the very means of our continued growth and development. Without it our Spiritual relationship with God will simply wither and become frail and weak. However when we feed upon God's word it provides that deep spiritual nourishment and strength that we each require in order to grow and thrive in our walk with God.

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