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God's word brings soothing restfulness

What restful companionship we find in God’s word, both in the person of Christ Jesus and in His written book (the bible). The more we read, the more we discover the soothing balm (ointment), the reality of God’s restful assurance, and calming presence. What an amazing God, what a wonderful experience as we become immersed both in the relationship and the revelation. The relationship with Jesus brings a desire to know the word and knowing the word brings a desire to know God’s Son Jesus in relationship. As we sit and consider what God tells us from His word, we find a peace, a calm and a healing that is unique in a written book. Unique because this word is living and powerful. These words have impact and affect in the hearts of those who The more we read, the more we learn, the deeper we may find ourselves in His nearness. It is not only the instruction we gain in how to live life in a transformed way but the word carries it’s own release of divine power. That power soothes, heals, calms, and enrich-ens our being. We are edified that is built up with a positive spiritual power, divine energy, as the Spirit Himself

Illuminates and applies that word deep into our hearts. We must be careful not to resist or place boundaries in our thoughts or hearts. Those inner thoughts we secretly keep about ourselves (self image) can become a block to God’s word reaching deep into our lives. Our hearts must be open to the life transforming power of God’s word. That is how the word transforms us and our experience of soothing, restful companionship becomes deep and effective in our lives.

God's word can become so refreshing and soothing that it moves into the realms of restful companionship as we go deeper and deeper into the realms of God's revelation. What an amazing God, even the word grace carries such tremendous impact if we open our hearts to allow it.

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