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Empowered by His Word

This Word, God’s living Word, empowers us to accomplish the works and ministries that God calls us to do. God not only calls us but He also equips, He not only equips but as we read in Acts chapter 1 He also empowers.

The Bible fixes our faith and confidence in Him and His delegated authority to us as we grow in our understanding of His message (Scripture). God empowers us through His Holy Spirit with boldness to proclaim and to demonstrate with His supernatural power. The word then brings the authority and understanding to exercise that God given power. As I read I discover more and more of the inheritance that is ours, both the promise and the provocation to step out in faith that men might see God at work in their lives just as God has also worked in our lives.

To those who believe, those who understand that they are called by Him through faith in Him, there is a realisation that we are children of the living God. As children we are heirs of the eternal kingdom, Christ being our pattern, the firstborn who has gone before us. We then must also rise in the revelation and understanding that the children of God are supernatural children, empowered with Kingdom authority to fulfil Kingdom purposes. We are to be the demonstration of God, Christ’s witnesses, not just with vain repetition of words but with bold confidence in the eternal truth by which we are called. The word itself evident, replete with power and authority, because of the active faith with which it is mingled. We bring our faith in Him to bare upon the word which is so full of divine power and suddenly those words reveal the dynamic potency that is held within. In this way as we speak, proclaim, declare and believe the word that we have laid hold of, that word which must also be permitted to lay hold of us. So then our confidence and faith become an active ingredient in this divine mystery and our faith, as we are told, comes from hearing the word of God. As we read the command to go, the direction to pray, to heal, to deliver, we must come to the realisation that Christ has not only called and sent us into the ‘harvest’, the mission fields at home or abroad but He has also given us the authority, His authority, to do the thing that He sends us to do! The One who declared all authority has been given to Me is also the One through the Word who delegates to each one of us that same authority to fulfil our mission and purpose. That is why God declares that His word will accomplish the purpose for which it was sent. When we align ourselves with that word we align ourselves with the authority and declaration that the word will not fail, because God never fails. Take a moment to consider this week how the word is at work in your life.

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