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Authority in His Word

There is a powerful relationship between ‘the Word’ (Scripture) and God. After all we are told that “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God…” II Timothy 3 verse 16

Naturally if the Word of Scripture has been provided by His inspiration through men then it doubtless contains something of the essence and nature of God Himself. A word that has come from God will also reveal God. Jesus was referred to by John as being the living embodiment of that Word. We are told that Jesus said if anyone has seen Me he has seen the Father (John 14 verse 9), a ‘here I am in the flesh’ statement. The more we read, contemplate and study this dynamic book of Scripture (the Bible) the more we come to see and know the very One who inspired it’s content, who embodied it’s teaching and lived on earth so that men might see the Word in living reality. What a remarkable thought. It is why once we know Him we come to see His Word as living and powerful (Hebrews 4 verse 12). I believe it is also why Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would not speak on His own authority (John 16 verse 13,14) just as He also said that He did not speak on His own authority (John 14 verse 10), both then speak with the Fathers authority. The same authority that is contained in His Word (Scripture). So whether we pray or whether we are making spiritual proclamation it should be with God’s word. When we do this it releases that written word of authority into action. In prayer we remind God of His promises and in proclamation we speak God’s promises into being (by faith). Why? Because the word is full of living, dynamic, power and God given authority to accomplish His will, reveal who He is and glorify His name.

When we live by, apply, and organise our lives around the authority of God's Word we release the power and authority of that word into our lives. It is from there that we can begin to experience supernatural living as we release the authority of the kingdom, God's authority, into our every day living.

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