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A mystery revealed

The mystery of the heavens is revealed in God’s word. Throughout history there have been many who have longed to understand the meaning of life. Others having determined that there must be a divine or supernatural purpose behind all of existence have sort to look into the mystery of the heavens. However only though God’s word (the Bible) can we truly know the truth. After all Jesus declared “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8v32). Paul also instructs us about the ‘great mystery’ concerning Christ and the church’ (Ephesians 5v32). The Apostle Peter tells us that ‘even the angels desire to look into’ the matter concerning God’s great salvation through Jesus Christ (1Peter 1v12). When Jesus was teaching His disciples again we read “to you it has been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God, but to the rest it is given in parables..” (Luke 8v10). This is one of the main reasons why the religious leaders did not recognise Jesus when He was on this earth, because although they knew so much, they had not understood the message of God’s salvation. We then must count it both a privilege and a blessing to have both heard and understood this tremendous message of revelation, that God has sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world so that through Him the world might be saved. There is so much more as we read, there is a glimpse into the realms of heaven themselves, an understanding of God’s love and benevolence, even the promise of supernatural empowerment by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Yes we read about so much more but make no mistake, let’s not get distracted by thrones and angelic beings but let us understand at the very heart of everything God has placed His Son, Jesus Christ, the ‘Lamb upon the throne’. This then is the greatest revelation from heaven that God has given us His Son and that He, Jesus Christ, is exalted far above all principalities and power ‘having been given a name that is above every other name’ (Philippians 2v9). We see that the whole focus of heaven is in serving the will of God and worshiping Him. This is the mystery, that God might permit us, mere men, access to Him and that access is only when we come to Him through His Son Jesus Christ. If we can’t see this or understand it then how can we possibly understand the mystery of heaven. Even this then is a gift from God that through the Holy Spirit and through His word we might find this revelation, this knowledge, this eternal truth. There is a God in heaven and if we seek Him then we will find Him, but we must seek Him with all our heart. For those of us who have entered into this wonderful knowledge and salvation through Jesus Christ, let us count it an honour not only to have received but also to be able to participate in such a wonderful salvation.

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