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A Grace Word

God’s word to us is a message of mercy and forgiveness. Mercy because we are unable to help ourselves in terms of righteousness and God’s forgiveness. Mercy because God is gracious, loving patient and kind. Grace is unmerited favour, and if there is one thing mankind is in need of more than any other it is God’s mercy and forgiveness. It is a challenge for many to come to a place where they realise how much they need God’s forgiveness because “there is none of us who is righteous before Him no not one” (Romans 3v10). Mercy because we deserve nothing but God’s rebuke and yet out of the amazing love He has for us we receive forgiveness instead of wrath. The word forgiveness is all through the Bible, as we read we see how God forgave those who came to Him in repentance. It is the message that Jesus Christ declares to us through His death and resurrection, that God is ready to forgive anyone who will humble themselves and come to Him. In fact we can see the name Jesus as the declaration of God’s forgiveness. It is just one aspect of the amazing grace that we find when we encounter God, after all it is written through His great mercy we are not consumed, because His compassion doesn’t fail. (Lamentations 3v22). Even when we accept Christ as our saviour, when we turn to follow Him we might consider that God has done far more than we deserve and that it is enough to be forgiven. However no sooner do we enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ than we come to realize that there is so much more to God’s mercy and grace than forgiveness alone. God bestows upon us His abundant blessing, provides for all our needs, heals our diseases, cleanses us and bestows upon us authority as His Heavenly children. It can be challenging to grasp just how much God has done for us and how much He continues to do for us. We don’t deserve it, not any of it, not a single thing, but God delights to crown us with lovingkindness. We can live for so many years and walk with Jesus all the way, we can become as familiar friends but there will always be some new revelation of God’s mercy and grace for us to encounter. Why? Because our infinite eternal Heavenly Father is as infinite in His grace and mercy as He is eternal in His longevity. God’s love knows no limits and so favour and blessing are the language of God towards His children. “For all the promises of God in Him (Jesus) are Yes and in Him Amen (let it be so), to the glory of God through us” (II Corinthians 1v20). We have no need to beg nor argue our cause, Christ has already paid the price and we are promised that with Him He will give us all things (Romans 8v32). Let’s learn to appreciate the God who’s word to us is mercy and forgiveness, limitless grace.

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