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A daily word

A daily word from God is a real source of strength and encouragement. As we read the bible it becomes more and more evident that this word is a daily word. God speaks to us every day, the verses we read can often help speak counsel into the everyday circumstances of life. After all it would seem strange to be in a relationship with God and not want to hear from Him every day. Over the years I have been amazed at just how often God has spoken to me through my daily reading. I can assure you that God wants to speak to you too. Whether you subscribe to a daily bible reading booklet such as every day with Jesus or Daily bread, or if you use a daily reading plan from the internet or You version bible app, they are all great ways to hear from God as you read a daily portion of the bible. It is particularly important to keep on reading when life doesn’t seem to be going too well, this is often the place where we are tempted not to bother. However, in the tough times it is disciplines like keeping up with your daily reading that helps guide us through. Without it we are left without the daily input from God that we all need. I have written before about this, but it is such an important practice of basic Christianity that I am raising the issue again. We need a daily reading plan and to develop the habit of reading the bible every day. Over the years I have spoken with many Christians who have expressed difficulty in reading the bible. Usually, it has been because they have been going through a particular season in their Christian walk. Sometimes it is because they have been reading a version of the bible that was difficult to understand what was being said. My advice when it comes to daily reading is

use a version (translation) of the bible that you are comfortable with and find easy to read. There is no religious or spiritual merit in any particular bible translation over another as long as it is accurate. What we need on a daily basis is to be able to read and understand what we are reading from God’s word so that God can speak to us and encourage us by His Spirit and the Word. After all, reading the bible that God has so graciously given to mankind is not meant to be a chore, it is meant to be a pleasure. If we can understand, then we can enjoy. So, I encourage everyone to read a portion from the bible every day and ideally get a reading program or guide, you’ll be amazed just how frequently God will speak to you directly through the words you are reading. I’m not on my own in believing this, countless believers around the world subscribe to daily reading programs. If you want to get closer to God, then this is by far the best place to start. God is just waiting to speak into your life in a very rich and meaningful way, pick up that bible and read it, it will do you the world of good.

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