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The Enduring Word

The lasting word of God has endured for many centuries. There have been two distinct eras, the old, that is before Christ and the new, that is from the birth of Jesus Christ which continues to date. What is remarkable in all that time is the continuity and harmony of the scriptures. God’s word written thousands of years before at the time of Moses does not conflict with the words written centuries later by the prophets, nor with the words of the good news (gospel) writers or the letters written to the new testament churches (the epistles). Peter tells us (1Peter 1v25) “The word of the Lord endures forever.” As the nations of Great Britain celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth there is a lot of looking back over the many years she has reign as our monarch. By comparison when we look at God’s word and realize it spans so many thousands of lifetimes and yet remains today, just as powerful, just as rich and enduring, there truly is no other written work like it. The more time we spend reading and contemplating God’s word, the more we see how intricately woven each part is knitted together to form one whole work. Then thinking about how many authors over the centuries God has inspired to write those things that are today included in the word we know as the Holy Bible. In the dead sea region of Israel some years ago archaeologists discovered clay pots containing written scrolls, upon some of them were copies of the writings (book) od Isaiah the prophet. There are other ancient bible texts in Latin and Greek which together provide modern day scholars with the complete foundation from which our modern translations are derived. What they provide us with is confirmation that the Bible has not changed over time, the text has not been altered. God’s word then has remained right up to modern day. With this in mind think about the impact that word has on those who open their hearts to God. It is certainly evident that the word is living and powerful. How many centuries have passed and how many people have discovered Jesus as their saviour, have delighted in this bible (God’s word). The word for them was no less important, no less of a comfort, inspiration and help than it is for us today. The same words from Jeremiah, ‘call to Me and I will answer you…’ or the words of David, ‘the Lord is my Shepherd..’ How God’s word to us has retained it’s impact upon the lives of those who read and apply it throughout the centuries. How precious this word has become to so many and will continue to do so. It really does inspire us to marvel and praise God when we consider how through His Spirit we enjoy today the same dynamic eternal word that other have in generations before us and yet others (should God tarry) may still in generations to come.

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