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Freedom in unity

There is freedom in unity. As we look at the whole proposition of salvation we realise that in order for us to enter into new life we must become united with Christ. Not only that but we become part of His body (the church) with one another, if we are in Him then we are also united with one another. That is why Paul goes to great lengths in 1 Corinthians to help believers realise that our differences should not divide us but rather give us greater cause for rejoicing. It is fair to say that in this principality of Wales, church has for many centuries been divided. Too many congregations and individuals have held others at a distance and sometimes, sadly, in contempt. They have been bound in a spirit of division that has caused at times competitiveness and a lack of genuine love. However this is not biblical Christianity, as Paul puts it -”Is Christ divided?” (1 Corinthians 1v13). It get’s even worse as over the history of churches in this part of the world we see congregations have also been divided there have at times been schisms in local churches. All this is far from being united in Christ and has far more to do with Satan’s divide and conquer strategy.

When we as believers bring down the walls and release true lovingkindness towards fellow believers we make way for unity. With unity God releases blessing (Psalm 133). In this way we find freedom, we are released into a new, deeper dynamic of blessing and experience. It isn’t that we don’t have access to such through the finished work of Christ but that we obstruct ourselves by the nature of what we hold in our hearts. If I see my unity with Christ, become conscious of the deep connection I now have with Him then I come to realise the full extent of my freedom. I am free—in Him, in the same way that being a member of an organisation gives the rights and privileges that come with that membership, so being united with Christ brings about all the privileges of being a child of God. We then who are ‘in Christ’ having been united with Him now benefit from the freedom that comes from this belonging. We are free because in Him we are no longer slaves to the former lusts, appetites, and oppression that once kept us slaves to sin. Instead we now have power to resist, power to choose, no longer to act out our desires but rather put them away and arise victorious over that which once held us defeated. There is so much to say about spiritual freedom and much to rejoice about but we must realise that this freedom comes from being united with Christ and by relation also with His church (our heavenly brothers and sisters). I believe in these days God is awakening a fresh desire for unity with all likeminded believers, a day of building bridges so that His church might again demonstrate freedom and power to our communities for His glory.

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