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Hope Project
                 Crisis Service


Helping with initial contact and assistance in engaging with relevant support agencies. When requested providing assistance with accessing available resources provided by other organisations.


Providing impartial advice regarding what support services are available and helping with practical aid for street homeless where applicable..

Crisis Aid

We provide emergency resources in partnership with other organisations. *This may sometimes include clothing, toiletry / dignity packs, and other practical help to those in immediate crisis that we are engaging with.

*Decisions regarding what is offered are solely at the discretion of our Hope Project staff and are subject to availability. 

If you would like to help sponsor or support the work that Hope Project does to help others who are struggling with issues of homelessness and poverty then please message us or speak to a member of our team.


We partner with a number of community and support organisations working within Blaenau Gwent to contribute to the recovery partnership network within our community.

In 2024 Hope Project agreed a partnership deal with Street Connect, a Scotland based charity that provides engagement, support, and various forms of assistance to those struggling with alcohol and substance misuse and homelessness related issues. Street connect have added invaluable support, training and expertise to the work of Hope Project.

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